Lazy Campers


This is a list of places for Campervans to stop in Pubs,Wildcamps or Aires this website has many to suit you all no registration required.

Useful Links

Some links to other useful websites

Brit Stops

Link to Brit Stops.

Their Guide Book is provided in our Campervan but if you wish to buy your own this is the place to get one.

Kickin Kampers

Link to the very professional company that converted out Van into a fully kitted out Campervan.

So if after your adventure you like the idea of owning a Campervan take a look at their website.

Wilderness Campers

If the dates you have for your Campervan adventure are booked take a look at Wilderness Campers website and see if they have the dates available. We can highly recommend them it's who we used for our first ever Campervan adventure.


Caravan laws in the UK

Not necessarily relevant to Hiring Betty our campervan but still of interest and usefull information if you ever decide to hire or own a Caravan.